NCCC Christmas 2013 - Cover_opt"A Christmas Story to Believe"

Despite the inclement weather, New Covenant held a special Christmas service a week late, with many members stepping in for those who were absent. Thank the Lord, the "A Christmas Story to Believe" drama provedto be a blessing for all those who experienced it from the stage and in the congregation. This multi-generational presentation included kids, teens, and adults using a dramatic dialogue, Biblical reading, singing, pantomime, signing, and praise dance retold the Christmas story to a skeptic who acknowledged she didn't believe in Christmas...until she witnessed the drama! 1-NCCC Christmas 2013 Pre-Service Prep2-NCCC Christmas Tree and Creche 20133-NCCC Christmas 2013 - Dialogue Drama 4-NCCC Christmas 2013-Marys Song

5-NCCC  Christmas 2013 - Signing Song6-NCCC Christmas 2013 - Josephs Song

  8-NCCC Christmas 2013-Choral9-NCCC Christmas 2013-Pastor Speaks7-NCCC Christmas 2013- Praise Dance